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About US

after years of hard working toofansaz kerman is proud to offer the engineers and technicians of cooling/heating systems and producers of food dryer machinery,30 different types of centrifugal fans, hoping to keep its customers satisfied and take a step forward to the independence of iran in this regard.

specification of toofansaz fans:
* cost-effective compared to the foreign models
* high efficiency and low power consumption
* prompt delivery and after-sale services
* offering a wide range of choices and customization for special uses

since iranian engineers, experts and technician s are familiar with italian "nicotra" products, TSK has tried to produce fans of the same size to make it easier for the customers to use them.

TSK guarantees the use of galvanized corrosion/rust-resistant in production of it products.

TSK hopes to see you as one of its customers for many years to come.